Your Local Deep Water Seaport

The Port of Cheboygan is a deep water sea port that can accommodate domestic vessels and international salt water vessels. The Port of Cheboygan has all four Port Functions designated by the Michigan Port Collaborative. Those designations are: Cargo Port, Ferry Port, Commercial Port and Recreational Port.

The Port of Cheboygan is located at the tip of Northern Michigan’s Lower Peninsula at the North end of Lake Huron and 15 miles from the Mackinac Bridge. The Port’s harbor is the Cheboygan River with an average depth of 23’ in the channel and at the cargo piers.

The Port of Cheboygan is home to the United States Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw, two world class Marine Contractors, Durocher Marine a division of Kokosing Industrial, Inc., and Ryba Marine. The Port is also home to a US Oil gas terminal and Walstrom Marine, which provides multiple marine services. And the port provides ferry boat service to Bois Blanc Island by Plaunt Transportation. The Port has access to all of the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the rest of the world.